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MashGeek.com was launched in May 2012.

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About Karan Goel

Karan Goel

Karan Goel at Seattle Cencer

My name is Karan Goel and I am the Founder and Editor of MashGeek.com. I am a young blogger originally from India, now in Seattle, WA. I’m an undergraduate at the University of Washington, and interested in majoring in Computer Science. That means I code.

I also like photography, and fancy a Nikon D3100. I share the best of my clicks on my 500px profile.

I’m a fan of productivity hacks and minimalism (something apparent from my homepage). I got the inspiration for MashGeek from the years of frustration I had – I wasted a lot of time messing with technology and watched others do so. I found out that some simple changes in a person’s life, can make a huge difference in his experience with technology.

I hope that with what I share here, I can help at least a few people become more productive and love using computers and smartphones.

Oh, and I like making friends, so come on over Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and let’s chat up!

Karan Goel on top of a hill somewhere near Gas Works Park

MashGeek is a one-man team. I designed it, coded it, write for it and maintain it! Too much work, eh?